With a growing number of research centers and institutes, our school serves as a hub of innovation and collaboration, bringing together brilliant minds to tackle today’s most pressing public health challenges.

The Brown University School of Public Health stands at the forefront of groundbreaking research, spearheading vital initiatives that will shape the future of the field of public health. At the heart of the school’s academic focus lies its commitment to improving population health for all by addressing disorders of aging, environmental health, infectious disease outbreaks and maternal and child health.

Collaboration is really at the heart of our work—at the School of Public Health, our research is a collaborative effort between behavioral scientists, data scientists, policy analysts, students, clinicians, and many other diverse stakeholders at Brown and beyond. We come to the field of public health because we want to improve the health of people in our community and throughout the world, and every successful public health intervention is built upon a foundation of rigorous research.

Jennifer Tidey Associate Dean for Research
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The immense impact of the school's research efforts is evident in its impressive achievements. With nearly 700 peer-reviewed publications, our faculty members contribute invaluable knowledge to the scientific community, influencing policies and practices that shape public health. Additionally, our researchers have been awarded nearly $100 million in research grants, a testament to their expertise and the significance of their work.

Areas of Research

Our students and faculty work on key areas impacting public health, including HIV/AIDS, addiction, health systems analysis, pandemic preparedness, aging and environmental health.
Areas of Research

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