Organizations & Support

From affinity groups to career counseling, our students are supported and empowered to lead at both the school and university levels.

Our students are integral members of a vibrant and thriving community of public health scholars. We prioritize their success by providing a range of resources to support their academic and personal growth, including comprehensive advising and mentoring services, career counseling, and a platform for representation and engagement via student government.

Our student affinity groups additionally create inclusive spaces for students to connect, collaborate, and explore shared interests. At Brown, we are committed to nurturing a supportive community that empowers students to thrive as individuals and scholars.

Our students are empowered to lead at the School of Public Health as well as at the University level.
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Students at Brown live active, engaged lives learning and making an impact within a diverse and supportive community.
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Life in Providence

Known as the “Creative Capital,” Providence is the biggest city in the smallest state.