Our students come from all backgrounds to create a rich and inclusive academic community. Embracing a wide range of cultures, identities and experiences, Brown fosters an environment where diversity is celebrated and valued.

At Brown, diversity is not only embraced but is also seen as a vital component of a comprehensive education. By incorporating diverse voices, our school prepares students to make a positive impact on public health initiatives across all kinds of communities—promoting equity and improving health outcomes for all.

At Brown, each student brings their dynamic background and personal experience to their studies. Fostering their educational journey is about supporting them and giving them permission to express themselves, find their voices and challenge the status quo. And by training a new, diverse generation of public health leaders, we are investing in better health outcomes for communities across the globe.

Jai-Me Potter-Rutledge Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
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Initiatives such as the Health Equity Scholars and NextGen Scholars in Biostatistics programs provide full tuition for promising students and mark the beginning of a transformation in public health research, education and practice. The goal of these groundbreaking programs, and that of the school as a whole, is to create an inclusive leadership pipeline that reflects the communities it serves.

Explore Inclusion at Brown SPH

The Health Equity Scholars program is a scholarship and leadership development opportunity for select students entering the Master of Public Health program at Brown.
The NextGen Scholars Program provides financial and academic support to outstanding students and graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to pursue a Master’s degree in biostatistics at Brown University.
From affinity groups to career counseling, our students are supported and empowered to lead at both the school and university levels.