Student Life

We are committed to providing our students with an environment that promotes both academic and personal growth. Learn about life as a Brunonian.

Whether students are pursuing challenging intellectual endeavors or exploring their passions beyond the classroom, they will discover a supportive network of like-minded peers and dedicated faculty members.

Our small class sizes afford our students the opportunity to interact closely with professors, fostering an environment of intellectual curiosity and facilitating meaningful discussions. This personalized approach to education empowers students to explore their interests, engage in independent research and achieve academic excellence.

Fostering Passion


MPH students work closely with community partners to develop and implement their MPH Practicum

Brown University is an Ivy League academic institution nestled in a city that warmly embraces its students. From internships and research partnerships to volunteer opportunities, the city of Providence is a welcoming home to the educational journey of Brown students.

At Brown, students become part of a vibrant and supportive community where academic rigor, personal growth and community engagement seamlessly intersect. Brown University's commitment to inclusivity ensures that students from all backgrounds and walks of life feel embraced, valued and welcomed into our community.

Known as the “Creative Capital,” Providence is the biggest city in the smallest state.
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From affinity groups to career counseling, our students are supported and empowered to lead at both the school and university levels.
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