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Rhode Island will make history later this year when it opens the first state-approved safe injection site in the country. To get ready for this big moment, we spoke to Brandon del Pozo, who’s studied the effects of New York City’s safe injection sites.
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Humans in Public Health: H5N1 Bird Flu

In this special bonus episode of Humans in Public Health, we talk with Professor Jennifer Nuzzo, director of the Pandemic Center at Brown University, about the rising concerns about bird flu in the United States.
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Behind the Lectern: Joseph Hogan

In his nearly thirty years at Brown University, Professor Joseph Hogan has witnessed not just a revolution in the fields of biostatistics and HIV research, but a transformation at Brown. In this interview, he traces the young history of biostats at the University and explains how the field helps researchers deliver results that are rigorous and reproducible.

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Voices Carry

For nearly 150 years, Brown experts have redefined what it means to practice public health by heeding the voices of communities, in Rhode Island and beyond.
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Concentrating on Mindfulness

The world’s first MPH graduates with a concentration in mindfulness completed their degrees at Brown in 2023. Instructed by interdisciplinary faculty from the Mindfulness Center at Brown, the concentration focuses on the impacts of mindfulness on physical and mental health, analysis of mindfulness-based interventions and applicable theoretical frameworks.