President’s Advisory Council for Public Health

An appointed committee that supports the mission and vision of Brown’s School of Public Health.

The President's Advisory Council for the School of Public Health considers long-term policy and planning issues, strategic directions, and efficacy of implementation concerning the School of Public Health. By supporting our school's mission and vision, the council upholds our commitment to transforming our local community, the nation and the world by training future public health leaders. The charge of the council is:

  • Help the school fulfill its mission.
  • Inspire broad excitement and foster visibility for the school.
  • Promote the school and its work in local and global communities.
  • Advise the dean on substantive matters that impact the school, its reputation and its mission.

All members are appointed by the President of Brown University and terms of service are renewable one time. The council is staffed by the Dean of the School of Public Health.

Advisory Council Members

The 2023-2024 appointments of the President's Advisory Council for the School of Public Health are:

  • Alexander Dubitsky P'23, P'26
  • Pamela Tillinghast Dubitsky P'23, P'26
  • Cheryl Anderson '92, M.D.
  • Konique Ballah '02
  • Peter Bennett
  • Susan Casdin
  • Christopher Chin '02 ScM'05
  • Dave Chokshi M.D.
  • Mark Clein
  • Jalaj Dani P'23
  • Nicholas Everage '01, ScM'07, Ph.D.'11
  • Christine Fisher P'17, P'23
  • Ryan Grubbs '10
  • Sonia Gupta '06
  • Ronald Gutfleish '81 Ph.D. P'18
  • Carl Kawaja '86, P'24
  • Jim Yong Kim '82 M.D., DMS'09 hon., P'22, ScM'24
  • Patricia Lansing '96
  • Jennifer Luray '82
  • Brian McCarthy Jr. '81
  • Stephen Robert '62 LHD'04 hon., P'91, GP'25
  • Lori Schreiber P'27
  • Sabrina Spitaletta Johar '99
  • Jane Sun
  • Jon Warner M.D., P'14, P'17, P'18
  • Frank Williams P'22, P'24
  • Sondra Zabar '87, M.D.

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