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The Brown University School of Public Health is committed to innovative education, pioneering research and experiential learning.
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How do we receive the information that shapes our beliefs, and how do we know if we can trust our sources? Professor Stefanie Friedhoff says information is a critical social determinant of health.
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New York Times

How Scared Should You Be of Bird Flu?

How worried you should be about H5N1, the bird flu virus spreading on dairy farms in the United States, depends on who you are. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has described the current H5N1 risk to the general public as low. The risk that the virus poses is tempered by the fact that it doesn’t spread easily among people — yet.
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No one knows when the next pandemic will sweep across the United States. It could be bird flu, or an as-yet unknown infection. But after living through the Covid-19 pandemic, which claimed more than 1 million American lives, left more than 300,000 children orphaned, and shut down workplaces and schools, U.S. citizens should demand that the nation does better next time.
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Through a balanced emphasis on research and hands-on practice, our master’s programs equip public health scholars with the skills to drive policy change and make a positive impact on the well-being of communities, both locally and globally.
Join us in Providence for a rigorous training program that will teach you to conduct research, bring about policy change, and positively affect the health of populations in Rhode Island and beyond.
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Brown's Accelerated MPH for Clinicians is a fast-paced, in-person program designed to deliver an academically rigorous and comprehensive public health education to professionals with prior medical or clinical health care education.
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We educate students to become statisticians trained to work in modern data science environments with expertise in theory and methods of statistical inference and modeling, knowledge and experience with tools of data science, and a well-developed skill set in computer programming, strong communication skills and experience working collaboratively.
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At the intersection of data and health lies a highly dynamic and rapidly expanding field in need of skilled leaders—biostatistics. Explore our Online Master of Science (Sc.M.) in Biostatistics, Health Data Science Concentration.
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The Brown University School of Public Health’s rigorous doctoral training involves active partnerships with faculty mentors and the execution of innovative research. Full funding is guaranteed, including tuition, healthcare and stipend, for up to five years of graduate study.
This doctoral program offers training in research methods to advance knowledge of issues central to the improvement of population health by focusing on organizational characteristics of health care delivery systems, providers and economic forces that shape consumer and provider behavior, as well as the policy environment in which these relationships exist.
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This program provides the training necessary to carry out independent research in theory, methodology and application of statistics to important problems in biomedical research, including research biology, public health and clinical medicine.
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Offered by the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, his degree program allows students to learn to employ behavioral and social science theory and methods to understand and address contemporary health problems.
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We prepare students to become leading, independent investigators. Our graduates excel in academia, industry, government and public health practice.
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Dual Degrees

The School of Public Health offers several opportunities for highly-motivated students to complete dual degree programs at an accelerated pace.
Emphasizing a learning-by-doing approach, this rigorous program offers highly-qualified applicants the opportunity to gain training in public health and public policy to prepare them to address critical health policy issues in the United States and throughout the world.
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The 5-year integrated Undergraduate/MPH (UG/MPH) degree is a rigorous program in professional public health education open to Brown undergraduates of any concentration.
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Why Study Public Health at Brown?

Home to four academic departments and a growing number of cutting-edge research centers, Brown's School of Public Health has earned its place among the top 10 recipients of funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Why Brown?

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Our students share their experience.

Why did you choose to come to Brown? Ugoji Nwanaji-Enwerem
What makes the School of Public Health special? Ma. Irene Quilantang
Tell us about your doctoral dissertation Hyesung Oh

Groundbreaking Research

With hundreds of annual peer-reviewed publications and a robust portfolio of federal grants, our researchers contribute invaluable knowledge to the scientific community, influencing policies and practices that shape public health.

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Real World Impact

Standing at the forefront of today's most important public health issues, Brown is spearheading vital initiatives that will shape the future of the field.

Our Pandemic Center is working to stop pandemics, other biological emergencies, and the harms they pose to health, peace, security, and prosperity.
Our People, Place & Health Collective works directly and collaboratively with members of the community, advocates, and policymakers to conduct substance use research that pairs rigorous epidemiological methods with broad, accessible communication.
Taking aim at misinformation and disinformation online, our Information Futures Lab is where technology, innovation, policy and community meet: one pilot at a time.